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Energy is a rare exercise studio. The teachers combine experience and excellence with a nurturing, optimistic, gentle spirit. Highly attuned to the individual needs of all of their students, they are remarkably helpful with injuries, pain and physical limitations. They know just when to push us past our comfort zone, and when to encourage gentle stretching. In small classes, they provide individual attention, designing programs responsive to the student's body, and to their personal goals. They have enabled us to feel strong, flexible, fit, and to develop better balance. They have taught us how to understand, and move, our bodies to achieve maximal health. 

Sue Grand Ph.D.
Bernard Rous

Pilates has helped change my life.  In September of 2010, I seriously blew out my back for at least the 5th time as I had already permanent injuries throughout my entire neck and back. I could not walk or attend work for a week.  Recovery was slow and residual pain lasted well into February.  In November, I started private lessons at 'Energy' two times per week.  I learned to stretch and strengthen the very muscles that were causing me great pain.  Over time, I began to get stronger and learned to control the pain typically with daily stretching exercises.  Now I do Pilates three times per week in a class with other participants and cannot only keep up with the others but often find myself wanting to be challenged more.  I am stronger today than I have been in years and have not had a serious back episode since 2010.  I am more confident in all aspects of my life and I cannot tell you how happy I am just to be able to take a walk or ride a bicycle without the pains that I once had.  I sincerely thank all of those who have helped me as I would never want to go back to my prior condition and hope that with a few simple changes and remedies will benefit others from my note of gratitude.


Marie B.

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