Similarities Between Yoga                                                   &                                                                          Pilates

There are some similarities between Yoga and Pilates. Joseph Pilates drew upon his own practice of Yoga, among other things, to create his training system, which has often been called “yoga in motion.” Both Yoga, although devoid of equipment, and Pilates focus on developing a high degree of musculoskeletal control through focus and concentration. In fact, during Joseph Pilates’ lifetime, his method was never called “Pilates” but rather “Contrology,” which Pilates explained was “The Art of Control.”


The biggest difference between Pilates and Yoga is in the type of class you choose. A private Pilates session on Pilates equipment focuses on your specific needs and is tailored to address your strengths and weaknesses according to your instructor's assessment of your ability. A Yoga class, on the other hand, is a communal experience where you can be more independent in your practice while benefiting from the energy of a group environment.

Both Yoga and Pilates are systems of exercise intended for execution in a predetermined order. Purists argue that following order is essential to maintaining the integrity of each method and that exercises taken out of context or reconfigured may not be as effective. There is a reason that "Sun Salutations" follow a certain format and that the "Pilates Abdominal" series follows a precise order. Each method is organized to cycle through distinct movement patterns as well as particular muscle recruitment, similar to circuit training.


If you are interested in trying a fusion class before mastering the fundamentals of either Pilates or Yoga, you won’t be any worse for the wear. But if you’re hoping that you’ll get the maximum benefits of both in one nifty class, you may be disappointed since there is no perfect formula.


Stick with the original systems of Pilates and Yoga in their purest forms—we already know they work!

-Alycea Ungaru, owner, Real Pilates

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