Why Classical/Authentic Pilates?

The Pilates system works. There are over 600 exercises to choose from ensuring that you’ll have fun exercising for a lifetime. In addition, Pilates decompresses your joints, which results in improved circulation. This improved circulation, combined with increased strength, improved range of motion, and a more balanced musculature, allows you to move with ease, grace, efficiency, and fluidity throughout daily life.

Joseph Pilates served as a nurse in World War I, he designed exercise apparatus by attaching springs to hospital beds for nonambulatory patients. This system formed the foundation for his style of body conditioning and specialized exercise apparatus, which he brought to New York City with the help of Max Schmelling, a heavy weight phenomenon, who sought out Joe's talents.


Joseph H. Pilates believed that correct body alignment and

neuromuscular re-training begins with education and total body conditioning. As your mind is directed through your body's precise movements, a new awareness of muscle function and contol is experienced. More than 600 specifically designed movements using five major pieces of unique exercise apparatus were conceived by Jospeh H. Pilates to develop the body uniformly.

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