Is the Pilates At Your Gym Real?

While researching the school that certified your prospective teacher, read about the school’s certification program. I would be wary of any certification program that requires less than 600 hours of study. Pilates is easy to learn but difficult to master. If the studio’s Website does not contain teachers' bios and credentials, request them by email or arrange to read them on location. Do not book a session with any studio that refuses to provide this crucial information. There are no official certification requirements to teach Pilates, so anyone can say that they are a teacher. Don't risk injury by working with someone who is not fully trained in the method.

  Philosophies Of Pilates Certifications

If some of you are unfamiliar with the philosophies of the most renowned Pilates certification schools (such as Romana, Power Pilates, and Stott) it may be helpful to read more about them online.


Romana's school prides itself on having preserved Joseph Pilates' exact method of Pilates, which is often referred to as: Romana's Pilates,  Classical, Authentic Pilates. Romana Kryzanowska, the school’s director, trained with Joseph Pilates and took over the studio after his death. If you would like to learn the original method without any modifications, a teacher certified in this program would be your best option.


Power Pilates, is a very well known school of Pilates and has branches throughout the United States. The directors of Power Pilates studied classical Pilates under Romana, and the instructors teach the classical method, but in a different and innovative way. Teachers from this school are more open to using props and apparatus to facilitate some of the exercises.


Stott Pilates was cofounded by Moira and Lindsay G. Merrithew. According to the Stott Pilates official Website, the Stott method is a version of classical Pilates refined by a group of physical therapists, sports medicine, and fitness professionals.

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