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Lisa Gratale


Principal Pilates Instructor

After years of Pilates training & experiencing the life-changing effects Joseph's work had on her, Lisa Gratale wanted to carry on the classical, pure, authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates and make his method accessible to those in the tri-state area. 'energy' was born!!! Since its inception in 1998, 'energy' has become the area's premier center for Authentic Pilates and recognized by Romana's Pilates'. Lisa has had the privilege of training Olympic Athletes, Company Ballet Dancers, Opera Singers, Philharmonic Musicians, Broadway Actors, Directors of Prestigeous Productions, The Rockets, Music Producers to name a few. She was trained and certified in "Authentic Pilates" by Joseph Pilates' protege Romana Kryzanowaska in New York City at Drago's Gym. She is also a New York Licensed Massage Therapist. Lisa's mission is to impact the lives of the masses through "Contrology" known today as "Pilates". You will experience from her teachings, a greater understanding of the connection between the mind and body. Be ready to have fun discovering your ability to be strong and well. 


Iva Bengu

Princial Pilates Instructor

Iva is a native of Albania who found her passion for Authentic Pilates in 1998 when she moved to New Jersey after receiving her Bachelors in English Literature at Montana State University. While managing 'energy' she had the opportunity to study Pilates from world class authentic instructors. In 2008 she recieved a Pilates certification from "Keeping the Method Pure" at 'energy' by completing 800 hours of apprenticeship study in The Authentic Pilates Method. You can depend on her to change your life through Pilates. Her strength shines through in her teaching. Expect to get deep into your powerhouse when being challenged by Iva. She truly believes in the five components of Pilates: Strength, Flow, Lengthening, Control, Stamina and incorporates those beliefs with every movement. Walk away from Iva's sessions feeling like you were taught and not only instructed.


Dr. Peter Gratale



Dr. Peter A. Gratale is the Director of Energy Chiropractic & Pilates, a private chiropractic health care practice and exercise studio in Teaneck, NJ since 1986. “Dr. Pete” is a  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. You’ve seen him as Co-Host of ESPN’s BODYSHAPING and Lee Haney's Championship Workout fitness shows. He was awarded the International Chiropractor’s Association’s Outstanding Sports and Fitness Chiropractor of the Year 1999.


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